Witte Draak in het nieuws!

Jeroen Meijer Catches Dutch “White Dragon” By The Tail

HILVERSUM, The Netherlands – Jeroen Meijer convincingly wins the nineteenth edition of the infamous “White Dragon Tournament” scoring 19,604 points, followed by Sandra van den Berkt with 11,660 points, while Eileen Kruize finishes third scoring 10,966 points. Jelle Duinsbergen, victor of the 2017 edition, strands at the number eight spot.

The annual “White Dragon Tournament”, one of the oldest tournaments in the Netherlands, is hosted by mahjong society ‘De Groene Draak’ (‘The Green Dragon’); one of the four clubs affiliated with the Dutch Mahjong Association playing by the so-called Dutch Tournament Rules, the local variant of the Chinese Classical Rules. This tournament is the first event in a series of four under this ruleset in 2018; the highest scoring player of these four tournaments will be hailed Dutch Champion upcoming December. In total fifty-two players, members and non-members of the Dutch Mahjong Association, gathered in a community center in the heart of the Netherlands to compete in four rounds. Most participants have vigorously dedicated themselves to this particular style, a practice which is uncommon in the Netherlands (with a few exceptions Dutch participants in MCR and riichi tournaments play multiple styles).

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